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Daedalus Waifu

Loves to get down & dirty on the dancefloor! Looking for a show? Look no further.


Dancing, helping out at the local animal shelter, and cats


Animal abuse, cigarettes, and bad smelling people




Exotic Dancer

Favorite Drink:

Cranberry Mojito Punch

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TIERS FOr this Waifu

You randomly get one of the following variations when you buy your NFT
C Tier
Hooks you up with a Kawaii Waifu! These are the most common but still beautiful Waifus
There are 375 Waifus in the C tier
c tier nft example on cardano
B Tier
I like your type! These ranked Waifus have a lovely aura to them and are ready to shine
There are 300 Waifus in the B tier
b tier nft example on cardano
A Tier
There's such a sparkle to these Waifus! I love a waifu with a bit of glimmer to her!
There are 200 Waifus in the A tier
rare nft example on cardano
S Tier
My-My what a radian shine from them! They can really light up the whole room!
There are 100 Waifus in the S tier
epic nft example on cardano
SS Tier
She's that once in a lifetime kind of Waifu! She comes with a cute stamp!
There are 25 Waifus in the SS tier
legendary nft example on cardano


If you pull an SS Tier or draw one of the first 25 NFTs in each drop then you also get one of our Waifu Token NFTs!
waifu token